Erwin Erkfitz often collaborates with non-profit institutions and organizations to help foster educational programming and social justice awareness. Through the lens of place making and education, Erkfitz acts as consultant, artist in residence and /or arts instructor. Groups often include children, adults, and community members. Mural projects have included large scale urban buildings to pop-up style panels in neighborhoods. Often student groups are guided through client based projects where they are educated on professional practices and processes. Community projects often include residents of all ages where Erkfitz acts as the lead artist, mentoring and assisting people in creating, potentially for the first time.


Well House Mural project – Fall 2015

UICA - Exit Space Project - 2013-Current

UICA – Exit Space Project – 2013-Current


The Eros & Agape project – Fall 2014


Lowell Arts Mural Project – Summer 2013


UICA Art Works Mural Project – Summer 2012


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